Article: Exercising Motivation

Motivation has become a popular word and concept that is constantly used in mainstream society with the fitness world being no exception. The exercise world has no shortage of people who allude to motivation (mainly the lack thereof) as the main problem restricting them from their goals.  There is no question that motivation plays […]

Exercise of the Month: May 2014

Stiff Leg Deadlifts

Stiff Leg Deadlifts are a great exercise for developing the hamstrings and working other muscles of the posterior chain such as the lower back and glutes.

Here’s how to correctly perform the stiff leg deadlift:
– with a barbell or dumbbells, take a shoulder width or slightly narrower stance. (A wider stance will […]

Cashew & Cacao Energy Balls

Cacao is arguably the best superfood on the planet. These energy packed, snack sized balls bring out the natural flavor of cacao along with some other very tasty ingredients. Be sure to consume these only in small amounts around post-workout periods….. unless you’re trying to put on some mass (skinny guys take note).


1 cups […]

The Abs Program (excerpt) – Advanced Routine, Phase 3

As far as aesthetic appeal, the abdominals (or commonly referred to as ‘abs’ for short) are probably the most popularised and talked about muscle group in the human body. When people refer to the abs, they are often talking about the abdominal wall and the visual muscles and aspects of the trunk that can […]

Workout: Barbell Complex

If your goal is to lose body fat and add some conditioning work to your routine, barbell complexes will be a good adjunct to your overall plan.A barbell complex can be defined as one large superset of various exercises (the number of exercises and reps can vary) completed without stopping or setting the bar […]