Abdominal Exercises

Trunk Rotation Exercise Variations

Russian Twist
Russian Twist + Leg Cycle
Decline Russian Twist
Torture Twists
Torsonator Side Rotations
Horizontal Cable Woodchoppers
Horizontal Cable Rope Woodchoppers
Horizontal Cable Dumbbell Woodchoppers
Horizontal Alternating Cable Woodchoppers
High-to-Low Diagonal Cable Woodchoppers
Low-to-High Diagonal Cable Woodchoppers
Supine Swissball Torso Rotations


Trunk Anti-Rotation Exercise Variations

Horizontal Cable Paloff Press
Vertical Cable Paloff Press
Supine Swissball Single Arm Dumbbell Flies


Crunch Exercise Variations

McGill Crunch
Push Through Crunch
Crunch - from sit-up position
Toes to Sky Crunch
Long Arm Crunch
Bosu Crunch
Supine Swissball Crunch
Supine Swissball Long-Arm Crunch
Crunch with alternating heel taps
Figure 4 crunch
Bicycle Crunch
Kneeling Cable Crunches
Kneeling Oblique Cable Crunches - Alternating
Reverse Crunch


Knee Tuck Exercise Variations

Mountain Climbers
Suspension Trainer Mountain Climbers
Sliding Disc Mountain Climbers
Diagonal Mountain Climbers
Sliding Disc Diagonal Mountain Climbers
Swissball Jacknives
Swissball Jacknives - hands elevated
Suspension Trainer Jacknives
Suspension Trainer Jacknives - hands elevated
Leg Tucks - bench
Leg Tucks - bosu
Sliding Disc Triangles
Sliding Disc Reverse Triangles


Lateral Crunch Exercise Variations

Lateral Crunch – hand reach
Lateral Crunch – elbow reach
Reach Through Crunch
Lateral Crunch – from side plank


Side Plank & Extension Exercise Variations

Side Plank - from elbow
Side Plank - from hand
Side Plank Extensions - from elbow
Side Plank Extensions - from hand
Standing Side Extensions
Side Extensions - feet anchored
Side Extensions - from flat bench


Front Plank Exercise Variations

Front Plank - from elbows
Front Plank - from hands
Decline Front Plank + Alternating Lateral Step-Offs
Front Plank + Lateral Plate Slides
Renegade Rows - dual arm
Renegade Rows - single arm
Corkscrew Renegade Rows – dual arm
Corkscrew Renegade Rows – single arm
Renegade Single Arm Dumbbell Reverse Flies
Swissball Plank + Elbow Circles
Swissball Plank + Figure 8’s
Sliding Disc Plank + Scissors
Suspension Trainer Plank + Scissors


Sit-Up Exercise Variations

Sit-Up + Twist
Sit-Up +Alternating Twist
Decline Sit-Up + Overhead Reach
Decline Sit-Up + Feet Reach
Decline Sit-Up + Twist Left & Right
Decline Sit-Up + Overhead Twist
Decline Sit-Up + Alternating Overhead Twist
Decline Sit-Up + Overhead Twist Left & Right
Tuck Sit-Up
Tuck Sit-Up - Single Leg
V Sit-Up
V Sit-Up - band assist
Alternate Arm Leg V Sit-Up - band assist
Lateral V Sit-Up
Single Arm Contra V Sit-Up


Leg Raising/Lowering Exercise Variations

Floor Wipers
Reverse Floor Wipers
Leg Throws (partner Assist)
Straight Leg Raises (Supine)
Straight Leg Figure 8’s (Supine)
Straight Leg Circles (Supine)
Straight Leg Scissors (Supine)
Straight Leg Flutters (Supine)
Straight Leg Grapevines (Supine)
Straight Leg Pendulums (Supine)
Bent-knee Leg Raises
Lateral Bent-knee Leg Raises - Alternating
Hanging Pikes
Hanging Jacknives


Pike Exercise Variations

Swissball Pike
Swissball Pike - single leg
Swissball Pike - hands elevated
Suspension Trainer Pike
Suspension Trainer Pike - hands elevated


Rollout Exercise Variations

Ab Roller
Barbell Rollouts
Swissball Rollouts
Suspension Trainer Rollouts


Stomach Vacuum Exercise Variations

Lying Stomach Vacuums
Lying Stomach Vacuums + 1 knee to chest
Lying Stomach Vacuums + 1 leg out
Lying Vacuums + butterfly knees
Lying Vacuums + Hip Thrusters
Seated Swissball vacuums + alternating leg raises


Other Exercises

Upright Bird-Dog


Lower Back Exercises

Torso supported Hip Extension Exercise Variations:

Dog Extensions
Bird Dog Extensions
Bird Dog Extensions + Diagonals
Bird Dog Extensions + Inward Sweep
Superman Alternate Arm Leg Raises