Mobility + Control Drills

Mobility Drills

Ankle Rotations
Broomstick Dynamic Chest Stretch
Cat Stretch
Dynamic Blackburns
Forward Lunge + Rotation
Hip Rotations
Iron Cross
Leg Swings - Forward & Back
Leg Swings - Side to Side
Lunge + Warrior Stance + Cossack combo
Neck Rotations
PNF Diagonal with Forward Lunge
Quadruped Forearm Stretch Sequence
Quadruped Thoracic Rotation Extension
Reverse Cossacks
Shoulder Rotations
Split Stance Rotations
Standing Ankle Mobility Sequence
Sumo Squat to Stand
Thoracic Extensions - foam roller
Torso Rotations
Tripod Ankle Mobility Sequence
Weighted Goblet Mobility Squat
Weighted Wrist Mobility Sequence
Wrist Mobility Sequence
Wrist Rotations


Control Drills

Glute Stability Steps
Glute Stability Steps - back & side
Glute Stability Steps - forward, back & side
King Deadlifts - swissball tracking
King Deadlifts - balance disk
Squats - Balance Disk
No Money's
Prone I's
Prone T's
Prone W's
Prone Y's
Pulldown Scapula Depression
Rope Pulldown Scapula Depression
Scapula Push-Ups
Seated Cable Row Scapula Retraction
Seated Rope Cable Row Scapula Retraction
Supine Dumbbell Scapula Protraction
Wall Slides