This gluten free recipe is super quick, healthy and great to have on a hot summer’s night when you want something cool and refreshing to eat.  The quantities in this recipe make one serving, however feel free to multiply these as this is a great meal to make for a group of friends to share – just put all the ingredients on a big platter and watch everyone devour them! As for the lettuce shell, we recommend the butter crunch lettuce as this gives the closest ‘crunch’ to what you will get from a regular taco shell. Enjoy these while they last and remember to share!


Serves 1


2 flathead fillets (this amount will depend on the size of the fillets) – pin boned

1 egg, whisked

2 tablespoons arrowroot (Tapioca flour)

½ cup almond meal

1 tablespoon coconut oil


1 butter crunch lettuce – leaves pulled off, trimmed and placed into cold, icy water to make it nice and crunchy!

½ avocado

1 tomato (diced into small pieces)

½ Lebanese cucumber (diced into small pieces)

Large handful coriander leaves (chopped finely)

Small handful mint leaves (chopped finely)

½ lime, juiced

Sea salt and cracked pepper


To serve:  Extra lime wedges, sweet chili sauce and/or Sambal Oeleck



  1. Place avocado, tomato, cucumber, coriander leaves, mint leaves, lime juice and salt and pepper in a small bowl. Mix until all ingredients are well combined.  Taste and adjust seasoning as necessary.
  2. Drain lettuce leaves.
  3. Cut flathead fillets into small strips.
  4. Place arrowroot on one plate, whisked egg in a bowl and almond meal on another plate.
  5. Dust the flathead strips in arrowroot to coat.
  6. Place the flathead strips into the whisked egg and coat
  7. Roll the flathead fillets in the almond meal to cover completely.
  8. Heat the coconut oil in a large frypan over medium – high heat.
  9. Cook the flathead filets until golden and crispy on all sides. Be very gentle when turning as flathead is a very delicate fish and they can easily break.
  10. To serve, place the lettuce leaves on a plate, scoop a spoon of the avocado and vegetable mixture onto the lettuce, top with a few pieces of flathead.
  11. Squeeze fresh lime juice over the flathead and then top with sweet chili sauce or Sambal Oeleck.