Stiff Leg Deadlifts


Stiff Leg Deadlifts are a great exercise for developing the hamstrings and working other muscles of the posterior chain such as the lower back and glutes.

Here’s how to correctly perform the stiff leg deadlift:
with a barbell or dumbbells, take a shoulder width or slightly narrower stance. (A wider stance will emphasise the glutes more, while a narrow stance emphasises the hamstrings).
– keep a chest up, shoulders back posture throughout the entire exercise.
– whilst maintaining a slight bend in the knees, keep the legs stiff and initiate the movement by hinging at the hip.
– lower the weight down as far as you can whilst maintaining a stiff leg and neutral spine position.
– keeping the weight in the heels the entire movement, drive the weight up by engaging the hamstrings and glutes.
– ensure full extension of the hips at the top of the movement and stand tall.

Due to the predominate fast twitch muscle fiber composition of the hamstrings, sets of 8 reps or less usually work best for this exercise.