Cable Woodchop – horizontal

The Cable woodchop is a great exercise for loading the obliques and abdomen and trains the muscles of the trunk to not just produce force and power but also to reduce force and power. See text below and video above for proper execution of the movement:

  • Position cable attachment at sternum height. Stand tall with feet shoulder with apart and be perpendicular to the cable stack.
  • Grip the cable handle with the outside arm first then the inside hand clasped over the top. Ensure the weight is off the stack throughout the entire movement to maintain muscular tension
  • With straight arms, drive the handle in an arc-like motion from inside to outside – your eyes should follow your hands throughout the entire movement. Pivot on the inside foot as you rotate through the full range of the movement.
  • Ensure the shoulders remain fixed and the weight is driven using the obliques and abdomen.
  • Control the weight back to the starting position and throughout every rep of the exercise.