The pictures of people you see throughout this site are of real people with real transformations and real results. It is our hope that their success stories and the resources provided will inspire others to take action and also achieve outstanding results.

If your goal is to look better, feel better or perform better, it is our ambition and guarantee that you will achieve great results for yourself with our guidance. Our Motto at Michael Hermann Personal Training is ‘Transform Yourself’. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest possible level of service to help others realize and reach their full potential.

Our main personal training facility is situated in Ashgrove, Brisbane. We also serve in many surrounding Brisbane suburbs as well as to a greater audience world-wide through our integrated training & nutritional support service Online. We specialize and cater to those seeking Lean Body Composition, Muscle Building & Strength Training, Athletic Performance Enhancement, and Nutritional Optimization. Our experience and skill set is a mixture of personal training, strength & conditioning and nutrition. The clientele of Michael Hermann Personal Training ranges from novice trainees to national level athletes and figure competitors.

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